Deer Creek Junk Repurposes with Passion in East Jordan

DCJ_homepics2Charlevoix County News – March 28, 2013

By Krystal Birgy

EAST JORDAN – Clever creativitiy meets cast-away furnishings at the newly opened space of Deer Creek Junk in East Jordan.  Located at 320 State St. in what was what once the community’s EMS building.  Deer Creek Junk serves as a working studio and warehouse.

Owner Karen Brennan says customers can discover an assortment of itmes at her storefront, with “everything from salvage finds to finished, repurposed, one-of-a-kind items to inspire your cottage, vintage or industrial style.”

Working out of her home since 2003, Brennan takes trash and turns it into treasure.  Her eco-friendly, functional art uses old doors, fences, windows, and tables and reinvents them into purposeful, shabby chic benches and more. From chandeliers made out of vintage soda bottles, to shopping carts re-envisioned as crafting supply carts, Deer Creek Junk repurposes it all.DCJ Ribbon cutting

“Even though an object may have ended up in the junk pile, it still contains the essence that gave it character,” says Brennan.  And sometimes it is the very essence behind and object that inspires a transformation.  “Everybody has a piece of cool something in their basement or garage, whether it is a piece that has memories for them or not” noted Brennan.

Repurposing such objects can bring a memorable piece from someone’s past out of storage and allow it to be seem and used on a daily basis. It is this kind of custom work that Brennan hopes to do more of at her new location.

In addition to custom design an building  and finishing services, Deer Creek Junk will also offer do-it-yourself workshops for individuals or small groups and monthly JUNK-A-PALOOZA events.

IMG_1183“I want to focus retail sales on the once a month events.” said Brennan

At these monthly JUNK-A-PALOOZA events, Brennan will open her doors for three consecutive days for a special sale. Up for grabs will be a selection of architectural salvage pieces and raw materials, such as doorknobs, wire, crates, and bottles for the do-it-yourselfer, as well as Brennan’s repurposed designs.

The first JUNK-A-PALOOZA sales event is set for May 9, 10, 11, with hours from 4-8 Thursday, 10-6 Friday, and 10-4 Saturday.

To check out Deer Creek Junk’s merchandise or to discuss a custom project, contact Karen Brennan at 231-675-2606 or by email at  Deer Creek Junk is open year round, most days Monday through Friday, afternoons and Saturday mornings, by chance or appointment.

For up to date information and photos of sample projects, follow Deer Creek Junk on Facebook or visit

2 Comments on “Deer Creek Junk Repurposes with Passion in East Jordan

  1. Was wondering if you need any old windows and chairs for repurposing we have a bunch to sell

    • Hi Cindee,

      Sorry, Must have missed this from December. Where are you located? I generally take in windows and chairs in on donation or occasionally will pay if they are architecturally significant. You can send pictures to

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