Discards to Decor: Deer Creek Junk has new site

Petoskey News Review,  April 1, 2013DCJ CCI Wheels

Michael Morrow – staff writer

EAST JORDAN – Deer Creek Junk, which repurposes salvage items for home decore use, has a new showroom in East Jordan.

Karen Brennan, the owner of Deer Creek Junk, applies her style and take to repurposed materials, architectural furniture, salvaged art and extraordinary finds.  She offers a wide variety of products and services, ranging from custom creations to salvaged item left in their natural state.

Brennan is an engineer of many years, by trade, and now lets her creative side flow.She notes “that the two are not as far apart as people think.”  She has operated Deer Creek Junk for nearly a decade now, mostly hosting in other showrooms and barn sales.  It eventually became necessary for the business to acquire its own showroom space, and an area for Brennan to work.

Deer Creek Junk now has such a space at 320 State St. , East Jordan.

Brennan not only can spot decorative potential in otherwise discarded items, but also offers classes and guidance on how to create these designs on your own.  “There is always that one piece in people’s homes that they have meant  to work on many times over the years, something they just can’t throw away, and I offer some incite and encouragement to finish that project.” She said.  A sign displayed on a wall in her shop reads “Live with the Junk you Love” – summarizing the special appeal of some items.

The process behind Deer Creek Junk has been one created from Brennan’s lifetime of experience, rooted in her parent’s collecting and antiquing.  When the time came to clear out her parent’s barns, Brennan “found items that just shouldn’t be destined for a landfill.”  This developed into her passion for the “junk” that can be found almost everywhere.  Some of her one of a kind items were located alongside the road. Brennan’s carpentry, painting and repurposing skills were self-taught over the years, and she stresses, “you shouldn’t strive for perfection with these items, that kind of spoils the look.”

Brennan’s creations have been used by several designers around the area and are currently being incorporated as style elements by Cedar Creek Interiors in Traverse City.

Following the recent showroom opening, Deer Creek Junk is now open year round, during afternoon hours Monday through Friday and Saturday mornings “by chance or appointment.”  Deer Creek Junk is also featuring monthly JUNK-A-PALOOZA events throughout 2013.

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