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Deer Creek Junk is all about repurposing architectural, vintage, and antique objects and bringing the artistic beauty they contain, back to life. Inspiration comes from the craftsmanship, detail, color, and variety of elements that were part of a past life. Even though an object may have ended up in the junk pile, it still contains the essence that gave it character.

“It is my hope that you take an extra moment to recognize and appreciate the components that provided the structure and spirit for a new piece of functional art. Thank you for being part of my passion to share something of and beyond myself.”   Karen Brennan


Pickin’ & Transforming Good Junk Since 2002
Karen Brennan started Deer Creek Junk with a life long love of antiques and flea market finds. After a traditional career as a mechanical engineer, Karen “repurposed” her life to focus her design talents and creativity on a different media…turning good JUNK into great decor.   She appreciates the value of past experience, continuous growth, the essential support of family and friends and, of course, trusting in your dreams.

“Change is inevitable…Growth is optional.”