Hello and welcome to Deer Creek JUNK !    I’m Karen Brennan, junker, maker, picker, engineer and lover of architectural, antique and industrial salvage, misfit pieces & parts and all things vintage & rusty.

Deer Creek Junk officially opened in 2003 when the doors of my pole barn were pulled open to reveal a “showroom” full of great barn junk, painted furniture and repurposed décor.   It’s been a  road that has seen the five years of occasional barn sales, the next five years of selling through a consignment shop and the most recent six years running my own “brick & mortar” shop.  The House Next Door, has added an extended showroom and Airbnb rental.  I still love the hunt and offering new life to a piece that might not otherwise survive.  Sometimes it involves a total transformation, other times it is just needs a bath and to be displayed as art. 

The Deer Creek Junk shop has evolved into a working studio/warehouse offering, let’s be honest, a personally curated collection of things that I feel the need to rescue.  It is never quite as staged as I would like, but that leaves some treasure hunting for you.

The House Next Door allows you to submerge yourself in the full repurposed junk experience. The entire house is furnished with Deer Creek Junk items, most available for purchase (even the bathroom sink).

I am grateful for my customers, fellow junkers and pickers and appreciate the projects, the stories and the junk that sometimes just shows up.  Thanks for letting me help you “Live with the Junk you Love”.

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